Microsoft Power BI Course – see the power of data



Microsoft Power BI is a suite of interactive data visualisation business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your organization

  • You can use Power BI to connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and drive ad hoc analysis.
  • It produces beautiful reports, then publishes them for your organization to consume on the web and across mobile devices.
  • Everyone can create personalised dashboards with a unique, 360-degree view of their business. And scale across the enterprise, with governance and security built-in
  • Power BI is used to Analyse Business statistics that help to deliver insights to enable fast, informed decisions.

Course outline

  1. Analyzing Data with Self-Service BI
    • Data Analysis and Visualization for Business Intelligence
    • Self-Service BI with Microsoft Power BI
    • Measurement and Calculation of Central Tendency
    • Measures and Calculating Variation
  1. Importing and Connecting to Data
    • Importing Data Sets from Text Files, Spreadsheets, Websites and Database Tables, SQL Server Analysis Services Multidimensional and Tabular
    • Creating Data Connections
    • Modelling Data with Relationships
    • Save Power BI Files
  1. Performing Advanced Data Modeling and Shaping
    • Removing Duplicate Data
    • Cleaning and Transforming Data with the Query Editor
    • Shaping Data with the Query Editor
    • Validating Data using VLOOKUP and IF
    • Extracting Values using Text Functions
    • Combining and Managing Data Rows
    • Viewing and Creating Relationships
  1. Filtering Data Sets
    • Formatting Data Sets as Tables
    • Using Table Slicers
  1. Pivot Table Data Aggregation and Frequency Analysis
    • Changing Aggregation Methods
    • Displaying Multiple Aggregation Values
    • Using Built-in Calculations
    • Grouping Data, Time and Numeric Data
    • Creating Custom Groups
    • Ungrouping Data
    • Using Report Filters, Pivot Table Slicers, Timelines
  2. Using Pivot Charts
    • Inserting Pivot Charts from Pivot Tables
    • Creating Pivot Charts from Tables
  1. Data Visualization Tools
    • Key Features of Data Visualization Tools
    • Data Visualization Tools Setup Visualization Tool Environment
    • Importing Data Sets from Spreadsheets
  2. Visualizing Data with Power BI
    • Creating Table and Chart Visualizations in Power BI
    • Creating Map, Card and Matrix Visualizations
    • Enhancing Visualizations Using Conditional Formatting
    • Using Visual Level Filters
    • Creating Visualizations Using Maps
    • Chart Data in Power BI
  3. Enhancing Data Analysis
    • Enhancing Analysis with Customized Visuals and Pages
    • Enhancing Analysis with Tooltips
  4. Modelling Data with Calculations
    • Creating Calculations with Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
    • Creating Calculated Measures and Conditional Columns
  5. Creating Interactive Visualizations
    • Creating and Managing Data Hierarchies
    • Filter and Slice Reports
    • Creating and Configuring Dashboards in Power BI
  6. Publishing and Sharing
    • Preparing Reports to Share and Publish
    • Sharing Dashboards
    • Good Design Practice
    • Evaluating Results