St. Hua Management Associate Program

1. Program Description

The St.Hua Management Associate Programme is specially designed to nurture talented young graduates as the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. Working in a SME, you will learn and appreciate different aspects of running and expanding a business. Over a period of 12 months, you will experience various managerial roles comprising three rotations across core business functions and have the opportunity to embark on projects and assignments that best fit your skill.

2. Benefits of Program

  • Opportunity to handle and work on corporate projects
  • Guidance and support from mentor to understand the operation of SME
  • Understand the business model and goals of a SME
  • Broaden your perspectives of the business and entrepreneurial landscape of a SME in Singapore
  • Opportunity to join the management team after completion

3. Eligibility Criteria

  • Bachelor’s degree in any relevant field
  • GPA of 4.2 or equivalent and above
  • Passionate and demonstration of diverse interest in the Business field

4. Application Process

  • Submit application (Resume/ CV, cover letter)
  • Video interview
  • Final physical interview

5. Application Period 1: Aug – Dec 2021

    Application Period 2: Jan- May 2022

6. Programme Duration :12 months

7. Application Link/Form: Management Associate Application

8. Attached infographic: Management Associate Program