Building A Conversational Chatbot with Dialogflow


This course will teach how to build a Conversational Chatbot with Dialogflow powered by Google machine learning. Diafogflow chatbot gives users new ways to interact with your product by building engaging voice and text-based conversational interfaces, such as voice apps and chatbots, powered by AI. Dialogflow chatbots allowed you to connect with users on your website, mobile app, the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and other popular platforms and devices.

Course Objectives:

  • Basics of Building a Conversational Chatbot with Dialogflow chatbot
  • Integration of Dialogflow chatbot with mobile platforms such as Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger
  • Training Dialogflow chatbot with Machine Learning
  • Dialogflow deployment


7 hours, 1 Day Course

Mode of Delivery

Classroom-based, Instructor-led Training

Course Outlines

  1. Overview of AI Chatbots
    1. What are AI Chatbots
    2. AI Chatbot Platforms
    3. Chat Medium
    4. What is Dialogflow?
  2. Creating a Dialogflow Agent
    1. What is an Agent
    2. Create an Agent
    3. Agent Setting
    4. Delete an Agent
    5. Pre-Built Agents
  3. Building a Dialogflow Chatbot
    1. Intents
    2. Entities
    3. Actions and Parameters
    4. Responses
    5. Rich Messages & Custom Payload
    6. Follow Up Intents
    7. Contexts
    8. Events
    9. History & Analytics
  4. Platform Integration
    1. Web Demo
    2. Facebook Messenger
    3. Telegram
    4. Google Assistant
  5. Fulfilment
    1. What is Fulfilment
    2. Create Fulfilment
    3. Webhook
    4. Inline Editor