Learning AutoCAD is Essential for Interior Designers: Here is Why

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AutoCAD is one of the most widely recognised computer-aided drawing software used by millions of interior designers globally. Developed and distributed by Autodesk, AutoCAD helps users to conceptualise ideas clearly and concisely. Here are a few reasons why all interior designers should learn AutoCAD:


With the aid of computers, tedious and mundane tasks can now be completed in half the amount of time with high accuracy. AutoCAD is one such technology where production time is reduced dramatically compared to manual pen-and-paper sketching methods that are traditionally used by designers. Simple tools such as copy and paste allow the efficient and precise drawing of floor plans and blueprints, right down to to any number of decimal places. AutoCAD drafting can be amended with ease and also gives a more professional finish.

Competitive Edge

AutoCAD is used by nearly 90% of design-oriented disciplines and businesses. It will be highly beneficial to upgrade one’s skill set, to understand and be able to use this software, which will be applicable to a designer’s professional setting. Being able to use AutoCAD will provide a competitive advantage in the job market, giving users an edge in the industry.


These days, not only interior designers use AutoCAD. Various individuals ranging from civil engineers, electricians, and architects use the software professionally as well. Having a good understanding of the AutoCAD tools and functions would allow interior designers to take part in the planning processes of structural developments more effectively. In any professional setting, enhancing your skills and demonstrating a thorough understanding of design is crucial and will leave a good impression as a capable employee. 

Interested in Learning AutoCAD?

Here at St. Hua Private Academy, we offer a comprehensive AutoCAD Course for both 2D and 3D design.

  • AutoCAD Level 1 (2D)
    • This course is designed as a starting point for new users. Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
      • Create 2D drawings using drawing and editing tools
      • Organize drawing objects on layers
      • Add text and basic dimensions
      • Plotting
  • AutoCAD Level 2 (3D)
    • This advanced course will cover:
      • Advanced object control and selection
      • Advanced object creation and modelling using wire frame, surface, and solids.

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