Artificial Intelligence for Logistics


There are many reasons to believe that now is the best time for the logistics industry to embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI). In logistics, the network-based nature of the industry provides a natural framework for implementing and scaling AI, amplifying the human components of highly organised global supply chains. Furthermore, companies deciding not to adopt AI run the risk of obsolescence in the long term, as competitors seize and effectively use AI in their business today.

AI offers logistics companies the ability to optimise network orchestration to degrees of efficiency that cannot be achieved with human thinking alone. AI can help the logistics industry to redefine today’s behaviors and practices, taking operations from reactive to proactive, planning from forecast to prediction, processes from manual to autonomous, and services from standardised to personalised.

This course will introduce AI applications on Logistics. The learning platform is based on IBM Watson Cloud.

Course Objectives:

  • What is Machine Learning
  • Predictive Logistics
  • Sorting Items using AI
  • Customer Service with AI Powered Chatbot


7 hours, 1 Day Course

Mode of Delivery

Classroom-based, Instructor-led Training

Course Outlines

  1. Introduction to AI and Machine Learning
    1. What is Machine Learning and AI
    2. Latest news in AI
    3. Activity: Sentiment Analysis
    4. Machine Learning Methodology
  2. Predictive Logistics
    1. AI Applications for Logistics
    2. Activity: Predictive Logistics
    3. Collecting Data for Machine Learning
  3. Improve Productivity for Logistics
    1. Using AI to Improve Productivity
    2. Activity: Image Recognition and Item Sorting
    3. History of Ai
  4. Improve Customer Service with Ai
    1. Personalised Customer Service with AI
    2. Activity: Chatbot
    3. Overview of AI Powered Chatbot