Google Cloud Platform Essentials


Google Cloud Platform makes the robust infrastructure of Google cloud including its high-speed network, servers, and software; accessible to enterprise-level organizations and everyday web developers. In this course, the trainer introduces the service’s core products: App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, BigQuery, Cloud Datastore, and Cloud SQL.

Learn the basics of hosting a mobile app with App Engine and see how to analyze massive datasets in seconds with BigQuery. Then explore the benefits of Cloud Storage, including unlimited file storage and fast data retrieval, and learn how to establish a cloud-based private network with Compute Engine. Finally, the course explores how to set up and manage cloud-based databases with Cloud Datastore and Cloud SQL.

Course Outline

  1. What Is the Google Cloud Platform?
    • Cloud and Compute Services
    • Storage and Data Services
    • Big Data Services
    • Other Services
  2. Why Use the Google Cloud?
    • Saving time and money with cloud services
    • Exploring Google’s autoscaling and infrastructure
    • Understanding Google’s compliance options
    • Getting to know the personality of the Google Cloud Platform
    • Finding helpful tools and libraries
  3. Getting Started with Google Cloud
    • Setting up your account
    • Navigate to the GCP console
    • Work with location and projects
    • Understand Google Cloud Billing
    • Use APIs
    • Use Googel Cloud Security: IAM
    • About gcloud
    • Setup command line access with gcloud
    • Compare GCP and AWS
  4. Google Compute Services
    • Understanding Google Compute Service options
    • Google Compute Engine (GCE)
    • Google Container Engine with Kubermetes (GKE)
    • Google App Engine
  5. Using Google Database and Storage Services
    • Understanding database and storage options
    • Google Cloud Storage
    • Google Cloud SQL
    • Google Cloud Datastore
    • Google Cloud BigTable
    • Google Cloud BigQuery
    • Understanding Google Cloud Storage services
  6. Using Google Data Pipeline Services
    • Understand Google Pipelines
    • Google Pub/Sub
    • Google DataProc
    • Google Dataflow
    • Google Genomics API
  7. Google Machine Learning and Data Visualization
    • Understand Google Machine and Viz
    • Cloud Vision API
    • Cloud Speech API
    • Cloud Natural Langage API
    • Cloud Translation API
    • Cloud Video API
  8. Intro to Architecture (Optional)
    • Web/API Application Architecture
    • Big Data and Data Warehouse
    • Internet of Things
    • Bioinformatics