R Programming

r language

St.Hua Private School provides an extensive R programming course which aids students in learning the programming language the most effective way. The trainers of the school will provide tips on how to maximise your learning experience here in St.Hua Private School and ensure your most pleasurable experience here. R Programming course is curated by St.Hua Private School to allow students know the most relevant skills used in this programming language.

We have come up with a detailed course outline. We hope you can go through it and please do ask us questions should you have any doubts and enquiries.


This course provides an introduction to statistical computing using the R statistical computing environment. The course will provide an introduction to R programming, including: an introduction to R, control flow and function writing, data structures and their use Graphics programming, data and Text Processing, and writing and Maintaining Code. The content of this course differs from that of other courses in the Department of Statistics in that it does not emphasize data analysis and interpretation but instead concentrates on programming.


Programming Basic


  • Introduction to R basics
  • Control flow and function writing
  • Data structures and their use
  • Graphics programming
  • Data and Text Processing

Here in St.Hua Private School, we believe in one saying: “Do something today that your future self will thank you for one day.” Seize the opportunity to learn and we hope to see you in our R programming course Singapore soon.