BIM with Revit Architecture

Revit Architecture

SkillsFuture Credit Approved Course


This course teaches the essential techniques to complete solid architectural projects in Autodesk Revit 2016. First, get comfortable with the Revit environment, and learn to set up a project and add the grids, levels, and dimensions that will anchor your design. Subsequently, modelling techniques will be covered, including: adding walls, doors, and windows; creating and mirroring groups; linking to external assets and DWG files; and working with floors, roofs, and ceilings. Advanced topics such as modelling stairs, complex walls, and partially obscured building elements, as well as adding rooms and solid geometry will be taught. In the last part of the course, export project files to various format will also covered.


1.Introducing building information modelling (BIM)

2. Getting Comfortable with the Revit Environment

3. Starting a Project

4. Modelling Basics

5. Links, Imports, and Groups

6. Sketch-Based Modelling Components

7. Stairs

8. Complex Walls

9. Visibility and Graphic Controls

10. Rooms

11. Schedules and Tags

12. Annotation and Details

13. The Basics of Families

14. Sheets, Plotting, and Publishing